Raiders should move to San Antonio for three major reasons

BY foxsports • January 14, 2016

The city of San Antonio has made no secret of its desire to land an NFL franchise.

Now, the Oakland Raiders are available. A move to South Texas might offer them the long-term stadium solution they couldn't find in Los Angeles or Oakland. And at least one former NFL owner of note thinks it would be a fantastic idea.

Here are three major reasons why owner Mark Davis will heavily weigh his options and move to the Lone Star State:

1. San Antonio has a built-in stadium

The Rams and Chargers can move to Los Angeles tomorrow; they've got the Rose Bowl and the Coliseum to claim as temporary homes. San Antonio has a similar solution for Davis' team in the aging, but useful Alamodome. That stadium was good enough to house the Katrina-displaced Saints in 2005; it can keep the Raiders satisfied until a new home is built. Reports from earlier in the week suggest that Davis already owns land nearby that would be suitable for stadium-building.

2. He gets two huge markets for the price of one

Davis' Los Angeles pitch hinged upon the steadfast loyalty of his Northern California fan base. That two-pronged approach is exactly what'll help his team prosper in Texas. The relocated Raiders should attract fans from San Antonio and nearby Austin -- the seventh and 11th-most populous American cities, respectively. 

3. It lets him dig at Jerry Jones

The quirky Cowboys owner led the charge to exclude the Raiders from Los Angeles earlier this week. Davis, the son of a notorious revenge-seeking owner, won't sit quietly in Oakland when he can potentially move his team into Jones' backyard. Of course, Jones would likely want no part of a third team in Texas and could use that same influence to make moving to San Antonio a real challenge for Davis and the Raiders.

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