Raheem Morris more impressed with Desmond Trufant 'above the neck'

BY foxsports • June 11, 2015

Desmond Trufant is an incredibly talented, and probably a very underrated cornerback. What he has done, is proven that he's a clear-cut No. 1 cornerback in the NFL and does a great job of being a shutdown corner. According to Andrew Hirsh of AtlantaFalcons.com, assistant head coach Raheem Morris is most impressed with Desmond Trufant's football I.Q.

“I’m more impressed with Trufant above the neck than anything,” assistant head coach Raheem Morris told AtlantaFalcons.com. “What he brings to the game, how smart he is, how detailed he is about his work, how good he wants to become. He has a great bloodline. I love being around the guy more than the actual player.”

As for what Dan Quinn has brought to this defense, Trufant admits that he's a big fan of how the defense is coming together.

“I feel I can fit into any scheme, but I love what we’ve got going here. We play aggressive, get hands on guys. They always want us to go after the ball so I couldn’t ask for (anything) else. They just want us to stay on top, no seams, no posts, no big plays. Let them complete the checkdowns, but no explosive plays. Every call they want us to go after the ball, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

To be honest, it's not surprising that Trufant feels he can fit into any scheme, because honestly, he probably can. He's an elite cornerback and we may see him take yet another big step in the 2015 season as a leader on the Falcons defense.

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Photo Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

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