Ochocinco offered match vs. coach

BY Alex Marvez • January 27, 2010

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was probably joking on Twitter when writing that he wanted to face head coach Marvin Lewis in a pro wrestling match to end the escalating war of words between the two parties.

TNA Wrestling, though, wants to make it a reality.

Not only has the company offered an avenue to make the bout happen, TNA is holding its annual Lockdown pay-per-view show on April 17 at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati. Every match on the card is held inside a steel cage, which is where Johnson challenged Lewis to duke it out.

"Set it up," Ochocinco recently tweeted when responding to a reporter's inquiry about the rift that has developed with Lewis. "I've earned my stripes on my helmet.

"It's time to fight then play."

Unfortunately for Ochocinco, he might no longer be with the Bengals by the time Lockdown is held. Cincinnati appears likely to release the controversial wideout, especially after Lewis began taking shots at Ochocinco through the media after the season ended.

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