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Not Your Average Joe

March 24, 2020

Quarantine Day 1 million: We're starting to feel it.

The lack of sports is cutting us all deep – including legendary sportscaster Joe Buck.

But, luckily, Mr. Buck has a solution to his and our heartbreak.

Now, there are some rules that need following.

First, Joe Buck needs real, live action:

And second, we're all in this together, so giving back is a requirement:

With that said, who's ready? Because we are.

Sounds like you are, too – let's get to it!

It might have been National Puppy Day on Monday, but we're always here for dog content.

Next, this young guy would not give up. The Brady jersey is certainly fitting here.

For the most part, family is always on your side – for the most part.

It's always a good time to up your darts game.

Plus, you've got to admire the angle on this one.

Joe Buck with too much sauce!

While this quarantine is providing us with some much-needed family time, with that family time is bound to come a disagreement or two:

Stay tuned for more Joe Buck gems.

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