No debate: Give me Tom Brady over Aaron Rodgers -- 'The Herd'

October 30, 2015

There's Tom Brady and there's everyone else.

The New England Patriots QB proved again why he's the best in the game on Thursday night in a blowout win against the Miami Dolphins. On Friday's episode of "The Herd," Colin Cowherd talked about why he would take Brady over any other QB in the league, including the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers.

You can listen to his reasoning above.

Staying on topic, Cowherd also explains why he'll take the Patriots' brains over the Dolphins' brawn every day of the week. You can check that out below.


Shifting topics, Cowherd wasn't pleased with presidential candidate Marco Rubio and the latter's poor excuse of a Tom Brady joke. He's so upset that he's switching who he plans to vote for.