NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expresses disappointment with the 2016 Pro Bowl

BY foxsports • February 5, 2016

The 2016 Pro Bowl came and went, and although NFL legend Michael Irvin took pride in defeating Jerry Rice's team by 22 points, many fans voiced their frustrations with the game on social media.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was not pleased with what he saw either, and on Friday in his annual "State of the NFL" address, Goodell suggested that there may be more changes coming to the Pro Bowl in the future.

“I was disappointed with what I saw on Sunday," Goodell told reporters. "I raised this issue three or four years ago. We worked with a number of players to make changes to the game. It had a positive impact at least in the short term but I didn’t see that this past week. I think I want to talk to more players, coaches and personnel about it.

“I think it’s very important to have a stage to celebrate our great players and what they can do on and off the field. I may have to think about this differently than in the past. If it’s not a quality, real competition we can be proud of, we have to do something different. I’m open to new ideas and how we do it. It’s not the kind of game you want to continue to have in the current format based on what we saw last week.”

The NFL has more recently tried instituting a fantasy draft and allowing some of the game's all-time greatest players to pick the teams. What's next for the Pro Bowl?

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