Montana on 49ers' mistakes with Harbaugh, Kaepernick

BY James Parziale • October 15, 2015

Joe Montana won four of the five Super Bowls that belong to the 49ers, so even if he isn't around the team in a day-to-day capacity, he keeps an eye on things.

Montana joined Colin Cowherd for "The Herd" on Thursday and was asked two very important questions about the state of the franchise.

Did the 49ers make a mistake letting go of Jim Harbaugh?

"I think so. Here's a guy who been very successful for you quickly. He put a good team together. Now he's gone and they're struggling. Players are leaving. Players are leaving? Is that Harbaugh's fault? I don't think so."

What advice do you have for Colin Kaepernick?

"Beg the coaches and the offense to go back to playing the game that he knows. ... Where he's the best is moving when he's outside the pocket. ... As long as he's protecting himself, let him get out of there. In the pocket, decisions have to be made quicker, anticipation. ...That's how he made his living for the longest time."