Middleton fined $5K for helmet-to-helmet hit

Published Dec. 15, 2010 2:04 p.m. ET

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Will Middleton has been fined $5,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell.

Middleton received notification from the NFL on Wednesday, three days after he sacked Campbell in the fourth quarter of a 38-31 victory. The hit caused a fumble that teammate Terrance Knighton returned for an apparent touchdown. It was nullified, though, because Middleton was flagged after his helmet hit Campbell's facemask. Campbell left the game with a stinger and a headache.

Jaguars Coach Jack Del Rio says he's disappointed Middleton got fined, adding that ''I almost think he ought to get a rebate.''

Middleton accepts the fine and says, ''It's just part of the game. It's what the official saw. It's not my call.''