Marshawn Lynch takes his cues from ex-Cowboy Duane Thomas, evidently

January 30, 2014

A lot has been made this week about Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch giving the media the proverbial silent treatment, but perhaps no player has ever had less to say about the Super Bowl than Duane Thomas.

Thomas spent two years with the Dallas Cowboys in the early 1970s, and led the NFL in rushing touchdowns in 1971, with 11. He ran for 95 yards and a score in the Cowboys’ 24-3 win over the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI, and after the game he gave a one-of-a-kind interview to legendary NFL broadcaster Tom Brookshier.

“Duane you do things in quick speed, but, much like the great Jim Brown, you never hurry into a hole,” Brookshier said, motioning to Brown, who was standing behind Thomas during the interview. “You take your time, you make a spin, yet you still outrun people. Are you that fast? Are you that quick?”

Thomas then replied with one of the great all-time one-word answers: “Evidently.”

During Brookshier’s next question to Thomas — an odd one about whether he likes football, to which Thomas said, “Yeah, I do” — Brown, sensing the awkwardness, leaned in and asked if Brookshier was nervous. He said he was, but you might be, too, if that’s how your first question panned out.

Then again, Brookshier probably should have seen Thomas’ brief retort coming. After all, “Evidently” may not have even been Thomas’ best quip of the week. On the night before the Super Bowl, Thomas was asked about the enormity of the contest, to which he famously questioned: “If it's the ultimate game, how come they're playing it again next year?”

Your move, Marshawn.