Mario Williams' degree of uncertainty

BY foxsports • July 31, 2013

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Jock gets credit for classwork he didn't actually do, is ceremonially moved through the system to become someone else's problem.

We're all familiar with that story, but it just usually doesn't involve police academies.

In Mario Williams' case, it does, according to KTRK-13 News in Houston. You may remember that Williams, a former Houston Texan and current Buffalo Bill, became a licensed peace officer in the state of Texas earlier this year.

Well, the academy that trained Williams has been suspended by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement after someone complained that one of its cadets did not receive the proper training or complete the coursework but was sworn in anyway.

According to KTRK, that cadet was Mario Williams, who completed 660 hours of coursework two months before the rest of his classmates despite having a poor attendance record, no course evaluations and test records that were destroyed after the test, according to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement's investigation.

"It's supposed to be six months, I actually did it in a condensed timeframe," Williams told the station. "I couldn't say an exact, day to day, but it was a four-month period I think. It was from the very beginning of the year. Man it was study after study, test after test. It was a load."

KTRK asked an instructor named Larry Steward how Williams completed six months of coursework in four months.

"They made a schedule that he would do at night and weekends," Stewart said. "That allowed him to do it a little faster than others."

That explanation evidently did not fly with the commission, which has disallowed Lone Star College from conducting any more law enforcement training, effective immediately.