Joe Flacco jokes he's excited for London game to get away from his kids

BY Brett Smiley • December 15, 2016

Baltimore Ravens quarterback and father of four, Joe Flacco, has found a reason to look forward to Baltimore's game in London next year after previously expressing opposition to a game across the pond.

Mainly he wasn't thrilled about a seven-hour flight to London rather than a quick two-hour trip to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars, but he's got a full house now and is seeing the bright side.

“I kind of always had a negative stance on it, but I’m warming up to the idea,” the 31-year-old said. “I have four kids now. I think that’s probably why I’m looking at it a little bit more optimistically. It’ll be good to get away from them.”

The game will be played on either September 24 (Week 3) or October 1 (Week 4). Some teams making the trip to London have headed out early to get acclimated to the time change while others have waited until later in the week to cause as little disruption as possible to the team's routine.

The September birth of Flacco's daughter has added a female to a household full of boys. He might catch a nice break from children shouting and breaking things but it sounds like he'll miss them, too.

“You probably have to spend a whole week over there,” Flacco said. “We all have families; we’re not baseball players, we’re not used to spending a week away from home. We’d probably cry about it a little bit.”


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