Jets offer to host boy tackled by Browns fan

Published Nov. 18, 2010 8:03 p.m. EST

The New York Jets have offered to host an 8-year-old fan and his family for a home game after he was allegedly tackled by a drunken Browns fan following Sunday's game in Cleveland.

Matt Higgins, the Jets' executive vice president for business operations, says the team contacted the boy's family Wednesday. The Jets offered to fly them to New York, arrange for seats in a suite and provide autographed items from the team, but the family declined.

A Browns spokesman said Wednesday that the team also contacted the family and offered ''anything we can do'' after hearing about the ''unfortunate'' incident.

The boy reportedly scraped and bruised an ankle after being struck by the older fan in a parking lot near Cleveland Browns Stadium.


Browns coach Eric Mangini was dismayed by the matter.

''If it's true, it's ridiculous and the guy should be arrested,'' Mangini said. ''I would be sick if someone tackled my kid. I think it's just wrong on so many levels and I would be angry as a parent, beyond angry. It shouldn't happen anywhere, ever.''