Jason-Pierre Paul says amputated fingers 'won't be an issue' next year, might be Wolverine

BY foxsports • March 11, 2016

Don't worry about Jason Pierre-Paul's hand.

All he needs is some time, apparently, and the digits the New York Giants defensive destroyed in a July 4th fireworks accident last year will be good to go.

As ProFootballTalk's Josh Alper reports, Pierre, who resigned with the Giants this week on a one-year contract, went on Sirius XM NFL radio Friday morning and spoke about his injured hand.

As Pierre-Paul put it, the hand "won't be an issue" by the time the season starts.

"The reason I came back to New York is because I have unfinished business," Pierre-Paul said. "My hand won't be an issue & I won't play with the club."

So this could mean one of two things.

The first is that Pierre-Paul anticipates to be fully functioning thanks a "grip" surgery he underwent in January to reduce the swelling in his right middle finger, which ballooned to an untenable size after the firework incident and forced him to wear a large mitt-like cast on his hand when he finally returned to the Giants last season. Through eight games, Pierre-Paul managed one sack and 26 tackles, and admitted to having been held back signifcantly by his mitt-cast.

"As you see on film you can see that the club is preventing me from making tackles," Pierre Paul told The New York Post in January. "People see it. I see it. Once I move away from the club, I'll be perfectly fine."

So that's the first possibility: Pierre-Paul thinks if he can play with a glove instead of a mitt, he'll be in good shape.

The second possibility is that Pierre-Paul is related to Wolverine, but his regenerative tissue powers are really slow.

I prefer this reality.


Dan is on Twitter. He can't wait for the Pierre-Paul superhero movie.

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