James Harrison calls out NFL over third drug test in three months

June 6, 2017

James Harrison is 39 years old and has showed no signs of slowing down, constantly posting eye-popping workout videos of himself in the gym. His freakish strength and athleticism aren’t what you’d expect from a guy pushing 40, but he continues to impress both on and off the field.

The NFL, however, appears to be somewhat skeptical. According to Harrison, he’s been drug tested three times just this offseason – about once per month. He shared this development on Instagram, with a caption expressing his frustration with it all.


A few hours later, Harrison posted a second photo that reiterates how he feels about being an apparent target of the NFL.


According to the collective bargaining agreement, the league is permitted to test a player only six times per offseason. That’s about once per month, which is the pace Harrison is currently on. This is something the veteran linebacker has gotten used to, too. He was tested at the end of last season after recording three sacks in a three-week span.

Harrison was one of the players named in the Al-Jazeera America report from 2015 in which a source claimed to provide performance-enhancing drugs to the linebacker, as well as a few other players.

Harrison denied the report and nothing ever came of it, but it could be a reason for the NFL’s repeated tests.