Hey, Rodgers! How'd that Monday go?

BY foxsports • August 5, 2013

Aaron Rodgers has won a Super Bowl. He's won an MVP. He's won lucrative marketing deals like his "Discount Double Check!" with State Farm. So in a small town like Green Bay, Wis., the guy's gotta be pretty untouchable, right?

Uhhh ... maybe not.

On Monday, Rodgers perhaps suffered a blow to his ego, and his team suffered an injury that could lead to the Packers QB taking many more numerous blows this season.

Rodgers, who began his career backing up Brett Favre before taking over as starter with a series of pretty anonymous backups, may now have a pretty big-name backup in his locker room. FOXSports.com's Mike Garafolo learned Monday night that the Packers signed Vince Young, the one-time Heisman runner-up who has made more headlines with his act off the field than his play on it as a pro, to compete as Rodgers' backup.

And you gotta like Young's chances — he is competing with Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman. Yeah ... us, too.

A backup QB getting a little face time? Seems like it could certainly be an adjustment, but nothing to worry a guy like Rodgers, right?

But this other bit of news may Rodgers shaking in his boots. (Or should we say in the pocket?)

Bryan Bulaga, who was moved to left tackle this offseason to protect Rodgers' blind side this season, suffered a knee injury — one report saying it's a torn ACL that will cost Bulaga his season.

How big of a blow is it for Rodgers? No QB was sacked more in 2012.

How does that commercial go again, Rodgers?