Henry Aaron tweets Sherman: ‘You have my support’

BY foxsports • January 21, 2014

As Richard Sherman's postgame interview with FOX Sports' Erin Andrews continues to reverberate through the sports — and mainstream — world days after the fact, the opinions on the brash Seahawk have ranged from classless to calculated, from a jerk rubbing it in to an athlete enhancing his brand on football's biggest stage.

But it's a safe bet just about everyone would agree on one thing Sherman is not: Humble.

Then this happened.

Yup, that's former MLB home run king and personification of class Henry Aaron.

And this was Sherman's reply.

In the sports world, a tweet from Hammerin' Hank is a Hall of Fame-caliber honor. But even in the Socialsphere, how unique is a tweet from The King?

• He has posted only eight tweets — ever

• The last tweet Aaron sent prior to his tweet to Sherman was a retweet of this:

In case you forgot (or can't get enough of it), here is the rant. Enjoy.

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