Goodell plans to speak with Young

BY Alex Marvez • June 27, 2010

Asked whether Young did the same and if that would factor into his final decision, Goodell said, “I think you have to look at these cases individually and understand them in a way of what are the issues going on with any individual. The intent of the (personal conduct) policy is to intervene so you help some individuals make a better decision and avoid these troubles. So when I sit down and look at all the facts around Vince or any other player, you want to make sure they understand that and what the policy was designed to do and more importantly understand the responsibility (of being an NFL player).”

Goodell stressed that message Sunday night when addressing the NFL’s 2010 draft class, all of whom are required to attend the three-day symposium.

“I told them the next few days are designed to help them not only to their transition to the NFL but beyond,” Goodell said. “It starts with being good men and making sure you can have as long a career as possible.”

New York Giants safety Chad Jones was granted an exemption because he remains hospitalized following a weekend car crash.