Glenn Gronkowski would love to play alongside bro Rob with Patriots

BY Sid Saraf • January 28, 2016

Whoa, whoa, stop the clock. Two Gronks on one team?

Glenn Gronkowski is a tight end from Kansas State who will be available in this year's NFL Draft. And as he's in Mobile for the Senior Bowl this week, scored an interview with him and news came out that Glenn had an interview scheduled with the New England Patriots on Wednesday night.

By the way, in case you haven't figured it out, Glenn has a brother -- actually, he has several. But one of them, Rob, is a star tight end for the Patriots. Man, can you imagine having to defend two Gronks?

"That would be awesome," Glenn said. "I've actually never played with any of my brothers before. They've always been too old for me. ... Everyone else has played together, so to be on the same team, that would be a dream come true."

And while Glenn's interview with the Patriots is interesting, it should come with a grain of salt. NFL prospects get interviews with several teams during the lead-up to the draft, so this is just one of many to come.