FOX stars try hand at NFL picks

BY foxsports • January 17, 2014

Kevin Bacon -- Ryan Hardy on The Following (Premieres Jan. 19 and Jan. 27)

"I really like the 49ers and hope it's a really close game. The Following premieres after the game on Sunday and I hope people stay around to watch the show if the game is a blow out. It's going to be a good match-up."

Greg Kinnear -- Keegan Deane, Co-Executive Producer, RAKE --€“ (Premieres Jan. 23)

"For this weekend, I have to go with the 49ers. It's going to be a great game for sure. As for the Denver/Patriot match-up I have to pick home field advantage. Peyton played for Indianapolis and I'm from Indiana. There's a connection there, you cant blame me for that.  I love Tom of course, but I have to go with Denver. For Super Bowl I think Peyton takes it all the way!  I think this could be his year."

Omar J. Dorsey -- Roy on RAKE --€“ (Premieres Jan. 23)

"Next weekend I like the Broncos and Peyton Manning and the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. I'm a southern boy so I have to go with with Peyton Manning for the Super Bowl."

John Ortiz -- Ben Leon on RAKE -- (Premieres 1/23)

"I'm taking the Seattle Seahawks. They're the beast without a doubt. I think Lynch's running game is too much and their defense is crazy and I don'€™t think they can be beaten at home. I mean, the 12th man thing is real. As for the Broncos, I think its their year. Peyton Manning is too much and he's going to rock it. I think Super Bowl is all about Seahawks in beast mode."

Terry Crews -- Sergeant Terry Jeffords on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (On air)

"It's going to be a tough tough battle but I believe the 49ers are going to put out against the Seahawks.  On the flip side it's Manning vs Brady and I have to go with Manning all the way.  I think it's going to be a Denver vs 49ers Super Bowl.  It will be great for the league and everybody.   I don't have a favorite team, but for the win, I'm going with young legs and the 49er.  I think they have it all right now."

Andre Braugher -- Captain Ray Holt on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE -- (On air)

"I'm taking the 49ers all the way.  I think it's going to be a 49ers vs New England Super Bowl match-up."

Stephanie Beatriz -- Detective Rosa Diaz on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (On air)

"I'm behind the 49ers all the way.  That's the buzz on the set."

Terry O'Quinn -- Sam Chapel on GANG RELATED

"I'm taking the 49ers over the Seahawks and Broncos over the Patriots. I think that they're both going to be good games and very close. For the Super Bowl, I would like to see Peyton Manning win it! I love those situations where someone gets cast aside and then comes back and wins."

RZA -- Cassius Green on GANG RELATED

"Well, I don'€™t know who is going to win. It's been a tough season but I'm going for the 49ers. Even though Denver has been busting it down. I'm going for the 49ers because one of the players on the team is my buddy and I would like to see him get a ring. I'm a east coaster, if the Patriots were playing Buffalo or the Giants I would be against them but they're not so I'm going for the Patriots. For Super Bowl, if the Patriots and the 49ers end up together I'm going to have to stay neutral because I want east coast to get it and my buddy too."

Reynaldo Gallegos -- Carlos Acosta on GANG RELATED

"I have to say the Seahawks are blowing it out this year. But I'm a Cali boy, I have to go with the 49ers. For the Patriot vs Bronco match-up, I'm picking Broncos. As for the Super Bowl, lets have it here in Cali, 49ers all the way!"

Jay Hernandez -- Daniel Acosta on GANG RELATED

"I'm going Seahawks all the way!"

Lamorne Morris -- Winston on NEW GIRL (On air)

"I'm going with the Broncos, they have Peyton Manning. You know I watch football movies where the old guy goes down with an injury and the young kid comes in to win. I think Peyton is playing well again and Broncos are going all the way."

Neil deGrasse Tyson -- Host on Cosmos (March 9)

"I don'€™t have a favorite team, but I'm applying rational thought and have to pick the Seahawks for this weekend. They're looking strong. I don'€™t have an opinion about who should be in the Super Bowl, but I do like the idea of a dynasty and a returning team. It's nice to see the Patriots on a roll considering I was raised in New York City. I would like to see New England go to the Super Bowl. I like the idea of a collision between the laws of physics and the game of football. Also, last year I tweeted about Beyonce and the energy she brought to her performance. There's no doubt I will be Tweeting during the Super Bowl again this year. Check it out!"

Mary Lynn Rajskub -- Chloe O'Brian on 24

"I'm taking Broncos all the way!"

Orlando Jones -- Captain Frank Irving on SLEEPY HOLLOW

"It's tough, if the 49ers and Seahawks weren't in the same division I think that would be the Super Bowl match-up. I think that San Francisco is going to win it, though I'm more of a Seahawks fan. 49ers are going all the way."

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