EX-NFL running back Jamal Anderson not arrested after exposing himself

BY Sports Illustrated and SI Wire/Sports Illustrated • December 15, 2016

Former NFL running back Jamal Anderson has been banned from a QuikTrip after he exposed himself while reportedly intoxicated in the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Anderson, 44, was not arrested because the store clerk did not want to prosecute. Police issued a warning for criminal trespassing, which bans him from returning to that QuikTrip. 

“There was nothing out of the ordinary, outside of him masturbating in the store,” Suwanee police Captain Shane Edmisten told USA Today.

He was previously arrested in August and charged with a suspended license and a move-over violation. He posted bond and was released from jail. Back in 2009, Anderson was arrested on drug possession charges.

Anderson played eight seasons in the NFL and was a member of the Atlanta Falcons' 1998 Super Bowl roster. He last played in 2001.

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