Ex-Miami Dolphin PK Sam rips Nick Saban 10 years after his release

BY Fansided and Brian Miller/FanSided via Phin Phanatic • December 15, 2016

The two years that were the Nick Saban era with the Miami Dolphins just won’t go away. Maybe it never will.

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    When Wayne Huizenga flew to Louisiana to lure the hottest head coach in college football it would become one of the worst signings in professional football. O.k. not really but the two years that Saban patrolled the facility and the field would leave enough memories that many simply wanted to forget. Ask P.K. Sam.

    Don’t remember the name? Not surprisingly many don’t. Sam was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 5th round of the 2004 NFL Draft. He lasted only two seasons before he was released. The WR would join the Bengals for a short stint in 2006 before being signed to the Dolphins practice squad in 2006.

    During the season, Sam was cut by Saban and ten years later he is letting him know what he thought about it.

    It’s not the first story about Nick Saban that hasn’t gone over well with a lot of people. Forget about the “Little Debbie” snack cakes and how he refused to even acknowledge other staff members in the team’s training facility. Or the insistence on the practice bubble, many still talk about offensive lineman Jeno James.

    James was in the facility after a practice, according to former Dolphins Heath Evans and began having convulsions. Saban walked in and simply stepped over him on the way to his office. And this was Nick Saban.

    The NFL was simply never Saban’s forte. While he repeatedly denied going to Alabama, Saban missed the scouting and the nurturing of young men at the college level. Something he was not able to accomplish at the pro-level where he had far less control over men.

    As for P.K. Sam, the Dolphins re-signed him later to the practice squad but Sam was not able to make the final 53 man roster in 2007 and he ultimately signed with the Raiders. Between 2008 and his final year in 2011, Sam played for the Toronto Argonauts on three separate occasions, the Buffalo Bills for a year, and the Calgary Stampeders.

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