Ex-Broncos great: Peyton Manning can win a title with Gary Kubiak

BY foxsports • July 30, 2015

Peyton Manning isn't calling the offensive shot for what feels like the first time in forever.

That title goes to new head coach Gary Kubiak -- and former Broncos great Rod Smith thinks Manning will be better off for it.

"If anybody can make sure that Manning has a great year, give him every chance to win as many football games and put a Super Bowl ring on his finger, it's Kubiak," the team's all-time leading receiver told the Denver Post.

Kubiak's new system won't feature Manning in ways NFL fans are used to. Instrad, it'll rely on zone-heavy blocking schemes and run-heavy game plans.

That's the same formula that Denver won two Super Bowl titles with last time Kubiak coached there. Smith was a receiver for those teams and thinks Kubiak, his former offensive coordinator, can recapture the magic of days gone by.

"My career wouldn't have happened the way it did without Gary Kubiak calling a lot of the shots," Smith said. "(And) he's been preparing for this his whole life, handling big-time players, big situations as both a player and a coach."

(h/t Denver Post)

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