Everything About the Packers-Lions Showdown

BY Sports Illustrated and Gary Gramling/Sports Illustrated via MMQB • December 29, 2016

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This week’s Look Ahead show:

• Deep, Deep, Deep Diving the Packers-Lions showdown — 1:11

• Giants at Washington: Are Kirk Cousins and Co. back on track? Beckham-Norman III? And can Washington’s front get a pass rush going? — 15:50

• Saints at Falcons: Atlanta’s offense and the return of Julio Jones, a shaky D minus Desmond Trufant — 23:56

• Patriots at Dolphins: How the Patriots D is holding it together, looking at life without Rob Gronkowski — 29:30

• The Mailbag (Why don’t we see more consistent subbing on the offensive line? Should Todd Bowles go? What should the Colts do in the draft? Time to shuffle the AFC South? Should Bills try to sign and trade Tyrod Taylor? Our podcast keeps subbing Belichick.) — 38:16

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