Eagles defensive coordinator sort of compares Eli to Aaron Rodgers

BY foxsports • October 15, 2015

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has revamped his offensive approach since offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was hired in 2014. Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis believes that Manning's new style has similarities to one of the NFL's elite quarterbacks -- Aaron Rodgers.

“It’s a high-efficiency, quick, ball-out-of-the-quarterback’s-hand offense,” Davis said of the Giants' offense under Manning, per Phil Sheridan of ESPN. “Eli not only makes a quick read and gets it out of his hand, if there is any pressure, he throws it away. He’s not taking a sack and he’s not throwing an interception.

“It’s a lot [like] what Aaron Rodgers does, too.”

In 21 regular-season games under McAdoo, Manning has thrown just 16 interceptions and taken just 34 sacks. To put the interception numbers in perspective, Manning threw 29 interceptions in his final 16 games in the old offensive scheme. To put the sack numbers in perspective, Manning has taken less sacks in 2015 than any other quarterback who has played five games. In Manning's final 16 regular season games in the old offensive scheme, he took 40 sacks.

Under McAdoo, Manning has thrown for 5,827 yards and 40 touchdowns with a 63.9 percent completion percentage.

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