Eagles committed to run despite mediocre stats

November 19, 2014

PHILADELPHIA (AP) The Philadelphia Eagles were known for rushing the ball last year. This year, their run game is mediocre.

All despite having the NFL's leading rusher last year, LeSean McCoy.

''Different season, different opponents, different team,'' Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said this week. ''We are going to stick with it regardless of the score because we feel like we can run the ball, gain yards and score points doing it.''

McCoy, who has shown some frustration during the season, said Wednesday he doesn't care if some people don't see him as the same player as he was last year.

''That's for you to figure out. That's crazy,'' he said. ''Am I the same player? Yeah, I'm the same player.''

McCoy gained 1,607 yards, a franchise record last year. He has 729 after 10 games this year. He had 932 after 10 games last year.

''That's in the past,'' McCoy said.

The Eagles' running game hasn't been as productive for several reasons.

With the lack of a serious deep threat, defenses have been keeping a safety up more than they did a year ago. And more than they do against other opponents.

''We see what teams do on tape,'' McCoy said. ''Then we see them and they're doing things completely different against us.''

McCoy struggled early in the year. Then, after a solid three-game stretch, he put up 19 yards against Carolina.

''Statistically there is (a drop off), but I think we're a different team,'' Eagles coach Chip Kelly said.

Different in that last year, all five starting linemen played all 16 games and a playoff game. This year, only left tackle Jason Peters has started all 10 games.

''We had some situations where there were some holes blocked pretty well and then a guy would fall off late,'' Shurmur said. ''The safety would come down and maybe make a play where we had five or a six-yard run, where at times we might get a little bit less.''

Shurmur says one thing is certain. The Eagles will never abandon the run.

''We're certainly a team that's going to run the ball from the beginning of the game until the end,'' he said.

NOTES: Kelly said guard Matt Tobin has a concussion and will go through the NFL's concussion protocol before he can return. Andrew Gardner took reps with the first team in Tobin's absence. Dennis Kelly is also in the mix, according to the head coach.