Donovan's 32: Cowboys crawling up McNabb's list -- but how high?

BY foxsports • December 9, 2014

1. Packers -- Aaron Rodgers is obviously the leader, but the running production from Eddie Lacy and James Starks is making his life a lot easier.

2. Patriots -- The defense is a lot better than it gets credit for.

3. Broncos -- Best thing for an older QB is a strong run game, and C.J. Anderson continues to provide that.

4. Colts -- Despite a mostly terrible performance, Andrew Luck comes through again in the clutch.

5. Cowboys -- Been an exciting season, but it won't mean anything if they can't get past the Eagles.

6. Seahawks -- Amazing defensive effort against the Eagles!

7. Ravens -- Joe Flacco deserves some credit for keeping this offense together through a lot of turmoil this season.

8. Cardinals -- Need better play from Drew Stanton, which will be much more likely if they can find a running game.

9. Detroit -- Let's not get too excited about a win over the Bucs.

10. Eagles -- Time of possession: 18 minutes. Total yards: 139. Wake-up call for the Eagles against the defending champs.

11. Chiefs -- No surprise to see Jamaal Charles dinged up as much as he's been carrying this offense all year.

12. Steelers -- Le'Veon Bell may be the best all-purpose RB in the game.

13. Chargers -- Tough loss to the Pats, and it doesn't get any easier with Peyton and the Broncos coming to town.

14. Dolphins -- Ryan Tannehill will have a chance to make a major statement this week in New England.

15. Bengals -- Awful second-half performance. Andy Dalton needs to play better.

16. Rams -- Have outscored their last two opponents 76-0. That's amazing, even against the Raiders and Redskins.

17. Vikings -- Teddy Bridgewater continues to impress. His teammates obviously believe in him.

18. Texans -- Justin James Watt continues to make a push for MVP.

19. Browns€ -- It has to be Manziel time. (Update: And it is!)

20. Bills -- One of the best D-lines in the game, but Kyle Orton's turnovers cost them against Denver.

21. Saints -- What's really wrong here? That's four losses in a row at home.

22. 49ers -- Colin Kaepernick needs to trust himself and the offense.

23. Falcons -- Entirely too many injuries and bad mistakes.

24. Giants -- Kept it together just enough to beat the lowly Titans. 

25. Bears -- Where will Jay Cutler throw the ball now with his favorite target (Brandon Marshall) done for the year?

26. Panthers -- Big win vs. Saints. Amazingly at 4-8-1 this team can still make the playoffs.

27. Jets -- At least Geno Smith got to throw the ball more than 13 times this week.

28. Oakland -- Showing they have some good athletes. Now can they get Jim Harbaugh to coach them?

29. Titans -- Bad loss to the Giants and Zach Mettenberger could be out for the year. Not a lot of good news here.

30. Jaguars -- Future remains bright.

31. Redskins -- Just awful. RG3 time again.

32. Tampa Bay -- At least the cheerleaders look nice.