Dez Bryant answers Ray Lewis' criticism, receives heartfelt reply

BY foxsports • October 5, 2016

Dez Bryant has been feeling plenty of heat over missing meetings and an MRI on his knee. But that didn't keep him from jumping into another star receiver's controversy, coming to the defense of Odell Beckham Jr. on Wednesday.

Ray Lewis, who knows a thing or two about leadership in the locker room, spoke out on the subject of the outspoken stars Wednesday on "Undisputed".

"These type of personalities need one-one-one attention, and it can't come from the coach," Lewis said. "...When you see the games now, players are invested in themselves. We once played in an era where we were invested in each other. And that's the biggest difference of today's time.

"So a reality check comes very quickly to guys like this: Listen here, sit your butt down, it's not that big and I promise you it's not about you."

That led Bryant to send a passionate message to Lewis: "@raylewis why do you think we have so much love for the game? We grew up watching guys like you..we want what you have.."

Lewis responded with a heartfelt reply.

"I'm glad you're listening, bro. Because we don't do this to down you. We do this to encourage you to be great," Lewis said.

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