Daily Buzz: Brees catching tip flak

BY Sam Gardner • July 30, 2013

No one has ever really argued that Drew Brees isn’t a charitable guy, but when it comes to tipping at restaurants, it appears the New Orleans Saints quarterback might be a little bit of a miser.

According to TheDirty.com, Brees is responsible for the $3 tip below — a 4 percent gratuity on a $74 bill — at Del Mar Rendezvous in Del Mar, Calif., earlier this month:

On the surface, it sure seems like Brees stiffed the server — who, TheDirty.com noted in a plea to save her job, was not the person who sent them the receipt — but there are plenty of questions to be asked before we lambaste the Saints' $100 million man.

• Are we certain that this wasn’t a takeout order? According to TheBlaze.com, the manager of the restaurant said it looks like a pick-up receipt. How often do you tip 20 percent — or anything at all — when you pick your food up at a restaurant?

• Perhaps it was just a $74 bottle of wine or a couple T-shirts. (Because, obviously, Drew Brees collects commemorative restaurant T-shirts.) Sure, Brees probably stuffs his pillows with $100 bills, but in most cases, I don’t think we’d be railing a guy for not giving a waitress or bartender $15 for popping a cork.

• What if the service was just really poor? Maybe his order was messed up or it took too long to come out or the waitress knocked over a drink while putting his food on the table and spilled it in his lap? (OK, that last one comes from experience.) I’d be lying if I said I’ve never stiffed a waitress for particularly subpar service, and Brees doesn’t lose his right to be unhappy with service just because he’s rich.

• Maybe he wasn’t the one who left the tip. The signature on the bill kind of looks like Brees' (save for the No. 9, thankfully), but can we say with certainty that his wife or a friend didn’t sign for him while he was in the bathroom or outside?

• Could it be that Brees left cash on the table in addition to the $3 on the card? Though not traditional, it’s not unheard of for a customer to take that route.

• Do we know that the receipt is even real?

Basically, what I’m getting at is that we don’t know for sure whether Drew Brees shorted a waitress at a restaurant in California. Sure, it looks like he might have — though the restaurant manager makes me think he didn’t — and he wouldn’t be the first very rich person to suddenly become a cheapskate when it comes to paying the bill, if that’s what he did.

But since he did donate $1 million to Hurricane Sandy relief, I tend to want to give Brees a free pass, just this once — even if he is a pinchpenny Scrooge when he goes out for dinner.

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