Columnist: Chargers fans would be outnumbered even more in L.A.

BY foxsports • October 14, 2015

On Monday night, Philip Rivers and Co. played what amounted to a ninth road game at Qualcomm Stadium.

Steelers fans outnumbered Chargers fans by a sizable margin. And one columnist thinks that ratio would increase if the Bolts packed up for Los Angeles.

"If you wondered what a Chargers home football game would look like in Los Angeles, you got a perfect preview Monday," wrote Orange County Register sports columnist Steve Fryer. "Qualcomm Stadium was at least 60 percent filled by Pittsburgh Steelers fans. It would be closer to 90 percent Steelers fans if that game had been in L.A."

America's Finest City has long been a destination for visiting fans. You'd have to figure a tourist destination like Los Angeles would've hosted more Terrible Towel-wavers -- especially as fall turns to winter and visitors look for a sunny football getaway.

Perhaps the potential Los Angeles Chargers would face the same attendance issues that plagued the NFL's last run in town.

Wrote Fryer: "People in charge of the football team and the stadium in San Diego have displayed little interest in improving either. Season-seat people are fed up."

(h/t Orange County Register)

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