Cleveland Browns: No need to mock Browns for celebrating first win

BY Fansided and Steven Kubitza/FanSided via Dawg Pound Daily • December 26, 2016

The Cleveland Browns still own the worst record in the NFL, but notching the first win of the season was still something to celebrate.

Cleveland Browns fans didn’t expect much in 2016. No one expected a playoff berth and even fewer expected the team to win more than three or four games.

But it was surprising that the team started the season with 14 straight losses, certainly set for a winless season that would put the 2016 Browns among the worst teams in NFL history.

That all changed on Christmas Eve, when the Browns did the unthinkable and beat the San Diego Chargers by the close score of 20-17. It led to a celebration among Browns fans who had stayed loyal all season, and gave the players some sense of relief after a miserable season.

The win led to some emotional responses among those on the team, and led Joe Thomas to say just how important the win was.

Now it is easy to mock Thomas for saying that winning one game in a season is equivalent to winning the Super Bowl, but we must remember that the team was never set up to succeed.

You will hear the radical claims of those who say this team has the talent to go 9-7, but that just isn’t true. A team this young and inexperienced was never going to beat the likes of the New England Patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers, so picking up a win and finally feeling what it is like not to lose should be treated as a big moment.

As for Thomas, he is a legendary player who is just as loyal as the fans. He may be crazy, but he continually trudges on with a positive attitude, even when the team remains among the worst in the NFL. And given the positive attitude displayed by Hue Jackson and the rest of this team all season, Thomas can rest easy this offseason knowing the team is committed to a legitimate plan with a respected NFL coach for the first time since he came to Cleveland.

So while some fans are perpetually bitter and will say there is no reason to celebrate a single win, we should all be happy for the team after pulling off what seemed impossible just a few days ago. Going 0-16 would have done damage to the young players’ confidence, making this win that much more important.

So mock the Browns and the fan base if you want, it will only make everyone stronger.

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