Chiefs playoff scenarios: Christmas Day

BY Fansided and Britt Zank/FanSided via Arrowhead Addict • December 25, 2016

The Kansas City Chiefs go into Week 16 with a clear path to the playoffs. With the embarrassing loss to the Titans last week, where that path leads got complicated.

Had the Chiefs beaten the Titans they would control their own destiny for the playoffs.  They would still be in the lead for the division and No. 2 seed with an outside shot at the No.1 seed.  Instead they’ve made their job harder and eliminated any chance of having the top seed.  Let’s go through the scenarios for week 16 and see what Chiefs’ fans should be cheering for.

Just to start off with the most important part first, just clinching a playoff spot.  The Chiefs could be in the playoffs already when they face the Broncos on Christmas if the Ravens lose to the Steelers.  If the Ravens win, the Chiefs can still clinch a playoff spot this weekend by beating the Broncos in Arrowhead.

Once in the playoffs, what seed can the Chiefs get is the next important question.  As I said earlier, the top seed is out of the question as the Patriots hold just two losses.   The two seed is still in play though with some help.  If the Chiefs win out and the Raiders lose to Denver, the Chiefs would win the AFC West and be the No. 2 seed.

The No. 3 and 4 seeds are out of the question since the Chiefs would hold a better record than the Houston Texans and the AFC North winner, should they win the West.  So that bring us to the wild card seeds.  As things sit today the Chiefs are the fifth seed.  If the Raiders win their final game than the fifth seed is the best the Chiefs can do.  This would mean the Chiefs would have to win three road games to reach the Super Bowl. As the No. 5, they will most likely play the winner of the AFC South.

That is the Chiefs most likely scenario, but there is one more scenario to go if they make the playoffs.  If the Chiefs lose one game and the Dolphins win against New England, the Chiefs would drop to the sixth seed and the Dolphins would have the fifth seed. This would mean the Chiefs would be going to Pittsburgh or Baltimore to open the playoffs.

There are all the scenarios for the Chiefs in the playoffs, as I said, a lot muddier of a path than it needed to be.  The Chiefs have proven this year they can win on the road and they can beat good teams.   So despite the disappointment Chiefs have had after last weekend, every dream they had is still in play.  But one thing at a time, just worry about this week.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Chiefs Kingdom not a fan was silent, not even our pets.  They are cheering for teams to help the Chiefs in the playoffs. Then lay out those cookies and milk for Santa so he can bring the Chiefs a win over the Broncos on Christmas night.  This would bring a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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