Chiefs' Bailey is dominating blockers with one brutal move

BY foxsports • August 14, 2015

Don't mess with Allen Bailey. You'll get the horns.

The mammoth Chiefs lineman has a devastating bull rush move that Chiefs blockers haven't been able to counter all camp long.

"Once I got it right," Bailey told the Kansas City Star, "They know it's coming but they still can't stop me."

A bull rush is a simple, but effective technique. A pass rusher fully extends both arms into the chest of his blocker, rendering him unable to do the same. Once he's on his heels, the defender collapses the pocket straight on.

It's even tougher to counter when the player using it is 6-foot-3 and around 300 pounds.

"It's explosive, to say the least," rookie center Mitch Morse said of Bailey's new move. "He gets down in this (stance) and you're like 'Oh, here it comes bro.'"

You'll see a lot of that move this fall. The Chiefs need Allen to harness every move in his arsenal to help fill in for Dontari Poe.

(h/t Kansas City Star)

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