Cam Newton's preparation is 'extremely underrated'

Published Dec. 3, 2015 9:53 a.m. ET

Cam Newton isn’t thought of as a film-study fanatic like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but it might be time to start associating the Carolina Panthers quarterback with that label.

According to NFL Media’s Jeff Darlington, Panthers quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey said Newton deserves more credit for his game preparation.

“His preparation is extremely underrated -- the amount he prepares. I wish people could see his notebook and the notes he takes. He’s meticulous. He takes a lot of pride in it, and you appreciate that as a coach. He has never gone into a game unprepared.”

Newton has become a polarizing figure, mostly because he appears to enjoy the game of football more than his more-reserved peers.

How dare he, right?

From prolonged touchdown dances, to first-down celebrations and smiling while he runs, to dabbing on the sideline at other sporting events, Newton has collected, shall we say, a collection of haters.

What’s most fascinating, though, is when we decide it’s the proper moment to start caring about someone’s style. The “I just don’t like him because he doesn’t win” excuse can’t even be used with Newton since he’s guided the Carolina Panthers to an 11-0 record this season.


Instead of appreciating Newton for what he is -- a confident, sometimes-cocky, borderline-elite quarterback who expresses his personality and genuinely cares about kids and the community -- a small, yet vocal group of people have searched for any ammunition to criticize the dual-threat quarterback.

But if Newton can’t be scolded for a lack of preparation, wins games, positively impacts the lives of children and regularly attempts to make a difference in the city of Charlotte, he seems like a pretty likable guy, don’t you think?

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