Bryant denies talking trash to Seahawks after Lockette's injury

November 1, 2015

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant made his return to action in Sunday's loss against the Seattle Seahawks. 

Bryant, who is known for his fiery temper, could be seen screaming at opposing Seahawks players moments after special teams ace Ricardo Lockette was on the wrong end of a scary hit.

Lockette lowered his head, was hit on the play and laid motionless on the field before being stretchered off.

As both team's sidelines stormed onto the field, cameras caught Bryant's tirade.


After the game Bryant profanely lashed out at a group of reporters saying that they should leave him alone.

“Stay the [expletive] away,” Bryant yelled to a group of reporters, via USA Today. “Why don’t you all get the [expletive] out of here? This is our [expletive] locker room. You [expletive] dirty [expletive].”

Shortly after, Bryant took matters into his own hands and attempted to add some clarity on Twitter.

"Say this is some [expletive]..." Bryant wrote on his Twitter account (since deleted). "I got on one knee and prayed for lockette I would never in my [expletive] life do some [expletive] like that."

Bruce Irvin, the Seahawks linebacker who is visible in the video above, backed his opponent's story on Twitter later Sunday night:

Perhaps that puts the matter to bed.