Bruce Arians explains how in-game video helps only 'bad coaches'

BY foxsports • August 25, 2016

It didn't take long for Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians to have a disdain for the use of in-game video. The NFL is allowing teams in the preseason to use it on the sidelines during one game, but Arians believes it's a crutch.

"It helps bad coaches," Arians told the Arizona Republic.

According to Arians, the video gives offensive coaches an advantage because offenses run more intricate formations than defenses, making it more difficult for defenses to disguise a play call while being filmed.

"Defensively, you spend a lot of hours and time on a blitz and a guy can sit there, watch it on tape, show it to his guys and fix it in the first quarter," Arians said. "That's not what it's all about."

Arians has had nothing but success since taking over as head coach in Arizona. The two-time coach of the year has won at least 10 games each of his three years with the Cardinals. 

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