Broncos' Brandon Marshall will continue anthem protest despite losing endorsements

BY foxsports • September 12, 2016

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall lost his second endorsement deal since kneeling during the national anthem before Thursday's night regular-season opener against the Panthers.

But despite the hit to his wallet, Marshall isn't planning on changing his stance anytime soon.

"Yes, I will kneel again on Sunday," Marshall said, via the Associated Press, on Monday, the same day CenturyLink severed ties with the fifth-year linebacker.

Marshall has joined Colin Kaepernick's cause to bring attention to social injustice by protesting during the national anthem. A number of football players did the same Sunday, the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

"It's an evil world. It's a hateful world. I'm not here to spread hate. I'm not here to respond to the hate. I'm here to spread love and positivity," Marshall said. "I'm a likable guy. I was once a fan favorite for a reason. It's cool, because people can call me N-word or cuss at me or say they wish I would break my neck all they want. There's no backlash from me. Hate can't drive out hate. Only love can drive out hate."

CenturyLink joined Air Academy Federal Credit Union in distancing itself from Marshall, who said veterans have told him, "I fought for your right to stand or sit. I fought for all your rights, so I support you."

The protests have ignited debate throughout the sports world and society in general regarding the issue. Marshall says this cause means much more to him than the loss of endorsements.

"Once again, I'm still doing what I believe in," Marshall said. "It's not going to make me lose any sleep. I'm still going to play football, but at the same time, do what I believe in."

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