Bo Jackson sounds off on critics of Cam Newton (VIDEO)

BY foxsports • June 14, 2015

Bo Jackson came out to Cam Newton's kickball tournament this past Friday and he had some big words for the critics and doubters of Newton, according to Bill Voth of Black And Blue Review.

“Those are haters. Those are haters. Those people that are poking holes in his game, come put on a uniform and try to do what he do. Period. Bottom line,” Jackson told Black And Blue Review.

He had plenty more to say as you can tell from the video below:

Jackson has a pretty strong point, because asking almost anyone else to do what Newton does, well, that would essentially be crazy. When Bo Jackson has your back, that's pretty strong company to keep.

(h/t Black And Blue Review)

Photo Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

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