Andy Reid is pretty darn excited about the Royals' World Series win

November 2, 2015

Andy Reid won't spend his bye week attending a certain celebratory parade.

But the Chiefs head coach is still plenty excited about the Royals' World Series win. Just listen to him gush at the podium at Monday's press conference.

"I’ve had a chance to get to know (Royals manager) Ned (Yost) and some of the guys over there, (pitcher) Jeremy Guthrie and a couple guys there," Reid told reporters. "I’m excited. I’m fired up for them. What a great deal. Just think about it. Best in the world. That’s something special."

Reid wants to bring something equally special to the city's football fans. If he ever does, he expects a similar rash of school closures and student absences to pop up.


Said Reid: “I think we give everybody a day off and let’s go, baby."

(h/t ESPN)