Watch Tony Parker escape from a tiger as Boris Diaw makes it angry

BY foxsports • July 24, 2015

Nobody can ever accuse Tony Parker of not being tough ever again. Appearing on the French game show "Fort Boyard," Parker had to drive a small, caged car through a pit that had a tiger in it. 

It doesn't look all that fun, actually, but Parker seems comfortable enough. Elsewhere, from a safe distance, Boris Diaw has the time of his life, yelling at the tiger, trying to instigate it and make Parker's experience as terrifying as possible. 

If for whatever reason the cage was ripped open and Parker had to face the tiger one-on-one, flopping would definitely be his instinctual move for survival. 

Parker might get ripped to shreds, but does anyone doubt he'd at least get a whistle?

(h/t: Pro Basketball Talk)

Photo Credit: Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports

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