Watch Raptors' Kyle Lowry destroy flying drones to prepare for 2015-16

October 28, 2015

Are there any new basketball drills under the sun? After all, people have been practicing basketball for an awfully long time. When players report to training camp or practice, you'd think they have a pretty good idea of what they'll be asked to do on a given day.

That's probably generally true, sure. But technology keeps marching forward, and the NBA is moving right along with it. For the Toronto Raptors and point guard Kyle Lowry, that means a course of programmed targets spread all over the court -- and the destruction of a couple of miniature "drones" flying around the practice space:

It looks like a lot of fun to demolish those dainty remote-controlled vehicles, but it's probably not cost-effective entertainment unless someone else is footing the bill.

But if you can convince your employer that it's part of a training program that will make you more effective? Go for it!