Watch LeBron fail in his attempt to put Draymond Green on a poster

BY Andrew Lynch • June 8, 2016

You have to admire Draymond Green's courage.

LeBron James had the Golden State Warriors forward in his sights. And rather than try to get out of the way and save his pride, Green went straight up, met the Cavaliers superstar at the rim, and managed to prevent the King from throwing down a posterizing jam:

Did Green commit a foul there? I'm going to say no. It looks like he got James on the hand, but the hand is part of the ball when a player is in possession of the rock. If you think Green got him on the forearm, though, then it's definitely a foul.

We wouldn't really call it a rejection, either; Green did just enough to force LeBron into missing the dunk. And the scorekeeper agreed, as Green didn't receive credit for a block. Or a foul, for what it's worth.

But LeBron got a little bit of revenge with one of the most spectacular alley-oops dunks we've seen this postseason:

Pretty good, Bron Bron. Pretty, pretty good.

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