Watch: Jamal Crawford tallies 19 assists at Seattle Pro-Am

BY foxsports • August 17, 2015

Jamal Crawford is known best for his scoring, but when he's playing against players who aren't actual NBAers, he can show off his skills in a bevy of ways, and that includes passing like the best of them. 

J. Crossover has shown off every type of streetball move during his annual Seattle Pro Am, and this year's edition has been no different. Normally, he puts up huge scoring numbers and lets the highlights speak for themselves. Now, he's doing the same with a whole lot of assists, 19 of them to be exact.

Yep, Crawford posted a 38-point, 19-assist performance at the Seattle Pro Am over the weekend, and unsurprisingly, there are highlights. Lots of them. And they're beautiful.

Care to see them? Here you go:

(h/t Slam Online for the find)

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