Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics Removed From ESPN's Schedule

BY Fansided and Ben Mehic/FanSided via Wiz of Awes • December 30, 2016

Washington Wizards were supposed to play the Boston Celtics on ESPN, but the worldwide leader in sports decided to yank the game from its schedule.

Individually, John Wall and Bradley Beal – the faces of the Washington Wizards – are having the best seasons of their respective careers.

Wall, who’s averaging a career-high 24 points to go alongside 10 assists per game, is on pace to make an All-NBA team. Beal is also putting up a career-high 22 points while knocking down 45 percent of his shot attempts, which is also a career-best.

Both players, at least on the stat sheet, have done enough to make the NBA All-Star team this season. Wall has made the team three seasons in a row and is essentially a lock to represent the nation’s capital again.

Beal is making a serious case and could get voted in by the coaches this season, but even if he doesn’t get the recognition, it’s evident that he possesses the talent that’s required to eventually make the All-Star team.

Even with the improvement shown from their star players, the Wizards have found themselves below .500. After a rough start to the season, Washington has finally gotten back into the playoff picture.

Given the numbers both Wall and Beal have been posting on a game-by-game basis, some have been surprised at the lack of team success the Wizards have garnered.

Ultimately, that’s the true difference maker.

If a team isn’t winning games – even if their stars are shining – then people, including the national media, don’t care about individual success.

The Washington Wizards haven’t gotten any attention from the national media this season, but the same could be said for every season Wall has been in D.C., with the exception of 2015 when Paul Pierce made the shocking decision to join the team.

Washington was scheduled to play against the Boston Celtics on national television, but ESPN opted to swap the game.

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    Instead, ESPN decided that fans would be more interested in watching the Memphis Grizzlies take on Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Westbrook has flirted with a triple-double virtually every time he’s stepped onto the court this season and has willed his team to a 20-13 record.

    The Grizzlies have found themselves at 21-14, despite dealing with some nagging injuries.

    On the flip side, the Celtics are occupying the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference with 19 wins.

    The Washington Wizards are with the rest of the group – one game below .500 fighting for a spot in the postseason.

    Both the Wizards and Celtics, in many respects, have failed to live up to expectations.

    After revamping their second unit and getting a healthy starting five back for another season, the Wizards were supposed to compete for a top spot in the East.

    Boston added Al Horford to their roster in the off-season, but have still dropped some winnable games and haven’t threatened the Cleveland Cavaliers yet.

    ESPN essentially decided that casual fans, which is the general makeup of those who tune into NBA games, would rather watch Westbrook tally another triple-double than two Eastern Conference teams that have somewhat underachieved.

    If the Wizards continue winning and the backcourt continues playing well, then ESPN would likely consider giving the team another chance. But for now, the Wizards will have to play in the dark.

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