This childhood Kristaps video is ridiculously cute ... but which one is he?!

BY foxsports • February 5, 2016

Before Kristaps Porzingis was dunking on guys in the NBA, he was slamming home on his siblings back in Latvia. After some extensive research and serious Instagram stalking, we stumbled upon this gem, a childhood video which the Knicks star rookie posted on his Insta account more than two years ago:

The educated guess is that Porzingis is playing against one of his brothers in this one, presumably his younger one considering his two older bros, Janis and Martins, are more than a decade older than him. But that would make KP the taller kid and not the one scoring. Could this be a friend in the video? Is the time KP got dunked on when he was a "little" kid serving as motivation for all his NBA putbacks today? 

You decide.