The Internet goes in on Andrew Wiggins' new signature shoes

BY foxsports • June 16, 2016

Dropping a new signature shoe in the Year of Our Lord 2016 comes with inherent risks. 

Not actual, like, real risks. Just the social risks associated with your kick failing to pass muster with the denizens of the Internet, who will then wield Photoshop to devastating effect and put your new editions to the sword.

Now, a week after the roast of the Curry Lows, we have Andrew Wiggins' new shoes on the chopping block: the Adidas Crazy Explosive, with his personal branding on the tongue.

The shoes are...different, combining the high top basketball structure with the aesthetic underpinnings of an Iditarod sled runner.

Still high off the Curry roast, the Internet began its cooking anew on Wiggins' kicks. Lives were not spared:

Note: I actually like these shoes. They're He Got Game meets Into Thin Air.

[Logs off, hikes mountain, runs fives on the summit]. 

Dan is on Twitter. "Hey Wiggins, WHAT ARE THO—[eaten by Siberian wolves].

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