The Boston Celtics officially have the funniest player in the NBA

BY foxsports • January 28, 2016

Boston Celtics guard Evan Turner has an eccentric personality. He's one of the best quotes in the league, and, after resurrecting his career in Boston, always seems to be in a great mood. 

Every night, there's a memorable quote. Every day, there's a memorable tweet. Every 25 minutes, there's a memorable something on Instagram or Snapchat. 

He sells t-shirts that read "#ET4PRESIDENT" on the back, with a sketch of his own silhouette replacing Jerry West's NBA logo on the chest:

Then he gets teammates to wear them in public:

His sandals are custom made:

He owns the single greatest necklace currently in existence:

His sweater game is unrivaled in the Western Hemisphere:

And he knows it:

But more important than all that, Turner speaks his mind, win or lose. Earlier this season, he boldly compared a game-winning assist to Michael Jordan passing to Steve Kerr in the NBA Finals. And just look at what he said about teammate Kelly Olynyk after Wednesday night's win over the Denver Nuggets. Zero NBA players talk this way:

Turner was drafted second overall, one pick behind John Wall, in the 2010 NBA draft, and hasn't come close to reaching those expectations. But his comedic value is off the charts, and don't be surprised if it eventually lands him a max contract. (That's the type of joke Turner wishes he thought of first.)