Stevens thinks Sullinger is playing the best defense of his career

November 3, 2015

Jared Sullinger is not known for his defense. The objectively slow power forward has had a difficult time covering guys in space, closing out on three-point shooters and calling out correct pick-and-roll coverages throughout his career. 

But right now, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is loving what he sees. Here's what he told

According to, the Celtics are allowing nearly 10 more points per 100 possessions with Sullinger on the court this season. Clearly the numbers do not agree with Stevens' claim. But stats can be deceiving in a small sample size (especially when two of the three offenses Boston's faced happen to be San Antonio and Toronto). 

This is definitely something to monitor as the season goes on. 


Jared Sullinger is playing “the best defensively that he’s played” during the Brad Stevens era, according to the Celtics' coach. Ahead of Tuesday’s practice, Stevens gave a bit more color regarding what, exactly, Sullinger is doing so much better at the defensive end this season. “All kinds of things,” Stevens commented. “I think he’s very active. I think he’s very good in the pick-and-roll so far. He’s obviously a very good defensive rebounder. He’s made a lot of good plays for our team on defense.”