Stephen Curry admits he was less than 100 percent during the NBA Finals

BY Brett Pollakoff • October 20, 2016

Anyone watching the later rounds of the playoffs could tell that Stephen Curry was playing at less than 100 percent. While he put together some incredible performances, he was also extremely inconsistent, and went through stretches where he shot the ball at an extremely low percentage.

All of this was a result of the Warriors' historic 73-9 regular season catching up with him, along with the fact that he never got fully right after suffering a sprained knee against the Rockets in the first round.

Speaking with ESPN in China on the second stop of an Asian tour sponsored by Under Armour, Curry was finally ready to admit what the rest of us knew all along.

I wasn't 100 percent, but who cares? I was playing. I was out there trying to help my team win and that's all that really matters. I've taken advantage of the summer to get right and I still have a little bit of work to go.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had already said as much, but this is the first time we've heard it from the unanimous MVP himself.