Steph has very mixed feelings about Kanye's MJ/Curry comparison

BY foxsports • February 18, 2016

Kanye West put himself in some pretty elite company on Sunday when he boasted that he is the "Jordan and Steph Curry of music":

That tweet left the Golden State Warriors superstar feeling ... well, a lot of things. Here's Curry's best attempt to put it into words Thursday (watch the full video above):

Curry also said that he's going to need his "favorite meme of all time ... to date" enlarged for his wall:

Just imagine the Curry family sitting down to a nice supper at the dining room table with this bizarre Photoshop casually hanging over their heads. Hey, it's a conversation-starter with guests, at the very least.

We don't know MJ's reaction to Kanye's tweet, but if the Internet has taught us anything, it has to look like this, right?