Someone made an awesome edit to Craig Sager's Wikipedia page

BY Pete Blackburn • December 16, 2016

Turner Sports sideline reporter Craig Sager passed away at the age of 65 following a long battle with leukemia on Thursday. Sager was a beloved member of the sports media for decades and became notorious for wearing wacky suits that were as colorful as his personality.

Though Sager is no longer with us, it's clear that he won't soon be forgotten. Countless athletes and prominent figures across sports honored the man in the wake of his death, with many calling him one-of-a-kind and a legend of his craft.

As one Wikipedia user made sure to remind us, those kind of special people never truly die.

So while we lost a media legend who now gets to rest in peace, he also continues to live on through the power of his work and the positive impact that he had on so many people in his lifetime. And for that, Craig Sager is immortal.

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